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What is happening in the real estate market in Australia?

As interest rates rise, many Australian homeowners are concerned about what the future value of their properties will be.

Experts have warned that Australian home prices could fall by 20 percent, Sydney and Melbourne may suffer the biggest drops in four decades.
In this context, Investment bank Jardin warns that we may see the biggest drop in the property market since 1980, with the Reserve Bank of Australia now forecasting inflation to reach seven percent by the end of 2022 for the first time in 32 years.
This corresponds to a $270,000 drop in the price of the median home in Sydney by next year, with Melbourne values ​​dropping by more than $191,000.
On the other hand, suburbs will have a different opinion, with the Finder's new property investment index suggesting that analysts believe the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne will be the best in the coming years.
With some data they forecast price stability in every suburb across major Australian cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, with Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart to be published next week.
In terms of apartments, Waverton, Rozelle and Paddington are expected to hold their value better than anywhere else in the city.



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